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Party of one

Comedians Lauren Frost and Courtney Arnett saddle up with cocktails and attempt to tackle the pros and cons of being an only child with their hilarious recounts of personal stories, and a little input from a weekly guest bartender. It's not alcoholism if you're an only child, they’re used to drinking alone.

Written & Produced by - Lauren Frost & Courtney Arnett
Directed by - Rachel Germaine

Sponsored by - Our Vodka Los Angeles

Series coming soon!

stood up

stand off

The short film "Stood Up Stand Off" tells the long standing tale of being stood up, and the importance of having good friends and even better phone service. 

Produced by - Lauren Frost & Jade Terrell 
Written by - Lauren Frost & Lydia Genner, with support from Jade Terrell

Director of Photography - Jayson Rahmlow

Cast - Lauren Frost, Jade Terrell, and Alan Wells

Watch here - Stood Up Stand Off


not dating

Comedy series about Trent and Lauren, brewery coworkers who have all of the chemistry and none of the action...and by action, we mean sex. They're the perfect pair - finishing each other's sentences, anticipating the other's needs and drink orders, they're even each other's emergency contacts, for crying out loud. But don't you dare call them a couple. They're not dating.

Filmed at Angel City Brewery in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Cast & Crew:

Written & Produced by - Trent Bruce & Lauren Frost
Directed by - MeLissa Gavarrette
Shot & Edited by - Zach Nuernberger
Sound - Anslem Kennedy 
Cast - Tye Edwards, Nick Grace, Koz McRae, Anna Halberg, Dave Colan, Erin Mcgown

Watch the series and recaps of each episode with Trent & Lauren here - Not Dating