Party of one

Comedians Lauren Frost and Courtney Arnett saddle up with cocktails and attempt to tackle the pros and cons of being an only child with their hilarious recounts of personal stories, and a little input from a weekly guest bartender. It's not alcoholism if you're an only child, they’re used to drinking alone.

Written & Produced by - Lauren Frost & Courtney Arnett
Directed by - Rachel Germaine

Sponsored by - Our Vodka Los Angeles

Episode 1 - Activities

Episode 3 - Birthdays

Episode 5 - Only Child, Only Adult


Ya'll - we got a sponsor! Thank you to Our Vodka LA for their generous donation of liquid courage. Watch our mini commercial to see how seamlessly the Party of One series can partner with brands for streaming advertisements. 

Episode 2 - Bedrooms

Episode 4 - Babysitters

Episode 6 - Bossy